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Audio Processing Solutions Provider for Phone/PC Accessories

Based on our outstanding audio processing algorithms and patented "Parasitic Computing Architecture" technology, kikaGO provides economical and high-efficient AI translationnoise cancellation, voice stylization and multi-channel USB microphone solutions. kikaGO solutions aim to build up peripheral accessories for PC and mobile phones with reduced cost/size but powerful audio processing features.
By making use of the computing power on a host device (i.e. PC/phone), kikaGO solutions possess a great advantage in terms of cost performance compared to traditional embedded DSP solutions. kikaGO provides complete development kits (from chipsets, PCBA modules, and audio drivers), allowing manufacturers of traditional peripheral accessories to upgrade their current products to a terminal for powerful VoIP and voice AI applications.

applicable scenarios

kikaGO Applicable Scenarios

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Phone call

Phone Call

Voice Control

Video Conference

Video Conferencing


Voice Watermark


Distance Learning

Distance Learning

Defect Detection

Sound Event Detection

Interview Recording



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