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voicepie TransBuds

World's First-and-Only Real-time Call Translation on Any App

We understand that language barriers are a pain in the neck for a lot of people when they are trying to establish cross-cultural communication. 

There are existing solutions on the market that deal with language barriers, i.g. translation devices, translating apps, etc. However, one of the biggest downsides of these solutions is that for the device to work, both sides of the conversation have to be in the same space. There are very few solutions that deal with translation for phone calls.


Hence, we created VoicePie TransBuds. The earbuds translate all your calls without the limitation of distance. With our earbuds, you can call whomever you want, wherever you are. Here are some of the great features of our TransBuds:


  • Live AI-subtitles

VoicePie app runs in the background. This means that our app will never interfere with the app that you are using. With this function, you can open your favorite video streaming app, social network app, or even messaging app and enjoy live AI subtitles while you are watching the newest videos or talking to your friends from afar.

  • Supports all 3rd-party apps

For all existing translation apps, you have to stay on the app to translate. There is no way for you to use it with other apps. TransBuds, on the other hand, supports all 3rd party apps. This means that you can call anyone using your favorite social app and translate your calls.

  • ​Supports over 100 languages

TransBuds is translation-engine neutral. This means that we can integrate the best translation engines on the market and use them to our users' advantage. As long as the translation engine keeps getting better, so will our translation, and we will support however many languages the engine supports!

VoicePie TransBuds is now on sale in China, you can link to our store page HERE.

We are also planning to launch internationally on a crowdfunding platform in late 2023 to early 2024, please stay tuned to our Facebook Page or join our Discord server for the newest information!

You can also fill out our form HERE and sign up for our email list so we can notify you when we start our crowdfunding campaign! 

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