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kikaGO Encryption Earbuds

Keep Your Calls to Yourself

We understand that sometimes people want to have a private conversation without being monitored by anyone else. Either to protect their secrets or simply just do not want to be monitored. With technology advancing faster than we have ever imagined, there are new ways every single day, trying to look into our daily lives and acquire our personal information.


Hence we developed the kikaGO Encryption Earbuds. The earbuds that encrypts all your phone calls. The encryption earbuds are designed to work in pairs of 2 or more. With our special algorithms, we add a layer of encryption details that only our earbuds can decrypt. Therefore, only users with our earbuds can understand the call, and what is being said on the other side of the call will be encrypted in the same way. As for those who listen to the call without our earbuds, they will only hear non-sensical noise. Truly fulfilling the notion of keeping your calls to yourselves.

The encryption process is not cloud-based, so there is no concern that calls will be recorded and/or monitored, either by us or by any other 3rd party. This is the best and most convenient device to fully protect your privacy and shield you and your family and friends from being monitored by unwanted parties.

Here are some of the features of the kikaGO Encryption Earbuds:

  • One-to-one / One-to-multiple

Our encryption earbuds can be used in one-on-one situations or one-to-many situations. All our users Need to have the earbuds to establish encrypted calls.

  • Patented Encryption Algorithm

Our encryption algorithm is written by ourselves. Therefore you can rest assured that this is not an open-source algorithm that can be easily broken.

  • Supports all 3rd-party apps

There is no special app needed to establish encrypted phone calls. With our earbuds, you can simply connect and start your phone call on any third-party app and start your encrypted phone calls.

kikaGO Encryption Earbuds is currently on sale. Please write us here for more information. We are also planning on launching a crowdfunding campaign later this year. Stay tuned! 

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