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kikaGO Anti-Recording Dongle

No More Monitoring and Secret Recording, Protect your Privacy

Technology certainly brought us convenience and new ways to make our lives better. However, it also created new problems for us. Surveillance, unwanted recordings, and advertisement profiling have been one of the biggest issues people in modern society are trying to combat.


Have you ever had the experience that the advertisements that are being pushed on you feel like they were custom-made just for you? Or, have you ever needed to surrender your phone before meetings because the information involved is too highly classified and there can be no leak of information allowed?

Technology gives people and companies new ways to record/capture new information about each other, putting our privacy at stake whenever we are in front of electronics, and we are left with little to no way to protect ourselves against these exploits. 

Hence, we developed the kikaGO Anti-Recording Dongle. This dongle is designed to cut off microphone functions on your phone, making it impossible for any 3rd party apps to record your likes/dislikes and/or any personal information. This also stops anyone from recording anything during business meetings and private talks, minimizing the risk of information leakage.

Here are some of the features of kikaGO Anti-Recording Dongle:

  • Plug and play

Using the Anti-Recording Dongle is very straightforward. Just plug it into your phone, wait for the green light to appear, and no more voice recorded. 

  • Supports all platform

There is no special app needed to block recording. We have made different form factors (USB A and C, Lightning) for different platforms.

  • Small in size, easy to carry

The dongle is very small in size, making it highly portable. We have also included a keyring so you can simply attach it to your keys and use it wherever you are.

kikaGO Anti-Recording Dongle is currently on sale. Please write us here for more information. We are also planning on launching a crowdfunding campaign later this year. Stay tuned! 

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