kikaGO.AI noise cancellation accessory series

Laptop PC Mate

This solution will finally fulfill the full potential and convenience of mobile working and allows users to have meetings anywhere. Say goodbye to always having to mute your microphone while having a meeting with your colleagues at a coffee shop, airport, or other noisy venues.

Smartphone Charging Cable

Ever tried calling up the AI assistant on your phone while driving? kikaGO.AI Noise Cancellation Charging Cable will finally allow you to put in your commands, while charging, without you having to mute your radio, music, or tell your friends to lower their voices in the car. 

Meeting Stand

kikaGO.AI Noise Cancellation Stand can be used in one-on-one interviews, meetings, customer service, etc. Advanced voice isolation technology allows devices to record and transcribe two-way voices at the same time without inference, making it more convenient for actual use when it comes to quality assurance or building trace records.

Smartphone Dongle

This is a must-have for streamers. With this dongle, you will be able to talk to your friends, audience, or simply just to record your ideas without the annoyance of surrounding noise.

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